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Travel Packing Cubes Set - 4 Mesh Luggage Organizers And Shoe Bag Accessory

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Travel Packing Cubes Set - 4 Mesh Luggage Organizers and Shoe Bag Accessory

Product Details

Color: Ocean Blue
Brand: Chameleon

  • Organize luggage - this travel packing cubes set comes with 4 mesh bag organizers, ideal for carry on
  • Ultra lightweight - each packing cube in this system is lightweight to keep you under luggage limits
  • Strong - tough diamond nylon, non-rip mesh and full finished seams mean these travel cubes will last
  • Value set - each set comes with a waterproof shoe bag making this a great gift for any traveler
  • Use them in suitcases, backpacks, daypacks, for weekend or longer trips - they are very versatile!

Planning a holiday? Got a weekend business stopover coming up? Going backpacking around Europe? The last thing you want to worry about when you are traveling is whether or not your bag or suitcase is packed neatly and whether it will stay that way during your journey. Travel is about having fun and making the most of the beautiful experiences. Chameleon's packing cubes make sure that your luggage is packed neatly and remains that way so you can spend your time how you should - enjoying your holiday or trip! Chameleon's packing cubes are made to the highest standard, with the highest quality craftsmanship, tailoring and materials. They are made from the highest quality diamond nylon - a lightweight material that will keep you under those airline luggage limits. They come in 4 perfectly sized compartments; they will fit neatly into a carry-on sized suitcase, a rucksack or even a backpack, so you can choose exactly how you want to organize your travel items. The easy-glide zippers ensure that they will last the journey and will not snag or break! The quick-grab double stitched handle and fully finished interior seams allow for repeated, long-lasting performance. Complete with Chameleon's 100% satisfaction guarantee, all travellers should own some Chameleon Cubes. Use the Extra Large for bigger items such as trousers, sweaters, fleeces, towels, and jackets. Use the Large for shirts, shorts, dresses. Use the Medium for underwear, socks, undergarments and sleep wear. Use the Small for toiletries and electronic equipment. Dimensions - Small: 9"W3.75"H3"D; Medium: 11"W7"H3.25"D; Large: 14"W10"H3.25"D; Extra Large: 18"W13"H3.5"D; Shoe bag: 12"W16"H.

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