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Thin Blue Line U.S. American Flag - 3X5 Foot With Grommets Bomb Diggity Goods

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Thin Blue Line U.S. American Flag - 3x5 Foot with Grommets

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Brand: Bomb Diggity Goods

  • Shipping Weight: 0.3 ounces
  • HONOR the men, women and families in law enforcement who risk it all against insurmountable odds
  • SUITABLE for light outdoor use and backed up by our Lifetime Guarantee
  • BLACK & WHITE striped and made of 68D Polyester fabric with screen printed design with an honorable Thin Blue Line
  • DISPLAY your graditude on walls and windows as well as flying on a pole on your porch
  • LARGE AT HEART and size, this flag measures 5ft long by 3ft with inlaid grommet holes for hanging

Product Description:

Dedicated to the men and women in blue. For the uninitiated the Thin Blue Line flag is an emblem of PRIDE and honor. Originating in the United Kingdom and now prevalent in the United States, the Thin Blue Line is a symbol to commemorate the fallen law enforcement officers and symbolize the relationship of law enforcement in the community. The term Thin Blue Line came into broad use in 1988 after the release of the film The 'Thin Blue Line', about a murder of a Dallas Police officer, Robert W Wood. Instead of the traditional red and white stripes, the Thin Line American Flag has black and white stripes. The black is a constant reminder of the fallen brothers and sister officers. The Blue Line in the center represents the officer and their courage. The black stripe immediately above the Blue Line represents the public. The line just under the blue line represents crime. The blue line then stands between the two black lines, a metaphor for standing between the public, protecting them from possible crime and danger. In these times of turmoil and animosity towards law enforcement, the thin blue line American flag has increasingly become a popular way to show support, not only for the families of law enforcement and their fallen, but for the public and its communities to show their strong support the police. A portion of every sale is donated to Concerns of Police Survivors (C.O.P.S.).

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