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"The Peacekeeper" 41 Inch Black & Pink Collectible Katana Samurai Sword Peace..

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"The Peacekeeper" 41 inch Black & Pink Collectible Katana Samurai Sword Peace Design

Product Details

  • Shipping Weight: 3 pounds
  • Overall Length Length 41" Blade Length 27" Handle Length 11"
  • Carbon Steel Blade Metal Tusba Shaped Like a Flower
  • Imitation Ray Skin Nylon Wrapped Handle Black and Pink Nylon Wrapped Sheath with Peace Design

The Peacekeeper is pink, but not fluff. This is one of the 3 swords used byRoronoa Zoro, Meito; Shusui (formerly belonged to Ryuma). After the time-skipShusui appears to be his "go-to" sword, as it tends to be his choice when heuses Ittouryuu. He often wields Shusui with his right hand, the Sandai Kitetsuwith his left, and the Wado Ichimonji in his mouth. Shusui is one of the 21 OWazamono grade swords and was once wielded by the legendary samurai Ryuma. Itis considered the national treasure of the Wano Country. After his death, thekatana was buried with Ryuma, until his grave was robbed by Moriah's crew.Ryuma appeared as a zombie on Thriller Bark, who had been given Brook'sshadow. After his defeat, Ryuma bequeathed the sword to Roronoa Zoro, and saidhe was satisfied with Zoro as the sword's master. The sword then replacedZoro's Yubashiri which was destroyed at Enies Lobb. Shusui's blade is blackwith a distinct red hamon and its tsuba hand-guard has flower-like edges,hence it is a "Black Sword". Its red hamon (hardening line) is Kanemoto style,having the appearance of a saw or sharp teeth. It has no accessories on thehilt, being wrapped with black silk. Kashira, tsuba and kojiri end cap aregolden, and the sheath is black, decorated with dark red circles split in eventhirds.


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