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STK's Canon BP-808 Battery Charger - for Canon BP-807 BP-808 BP-809 BP-819 BP... - Chickadee Solutions - 1

Stk's Canon Bp-808 Battery Charger - For Canon Bp-807 Bp-808 Bp-809 Bp-819 Bp..

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STK's Canon BP-808 Battery Charger - for Canon BP-807, BP-808, BP-809, BP-819, BP-827 camcorder batteries and these Canon Camcorders: Canon XA10, Vixia HF G10, HF M40, HF M41, HF200, HF S21, HF10, HF20, HF M400, HF S200, HF100, HF S100, HF S30, HF S20, HG20, HF S10, HF11, HG21, HF G20, HF S11, HF M300, HF M31, HF M30, Canon FS100, FS200, FS300, FS10, FS11, FS31, FS21, FS22, FS21, Canon Legria HF S200, HF200, HF S100, CG-800

Product Details

Brand: STK/SterliingTek

  • Product Dimensions: 3 x 1.8 x 4 inches
  • Item Weight: 3.8 ounces
  • Shipping Weight: 4 ounces
  • Customer Reviews: 4.5 out of 5 stars 98 customer reviews 4.5 out of 5 stars
  • Canon BP-808 Charger for BP-808 Batteries (POWWER Brand name)
  • 100% OEM Compatible - Complies with or Exceeds OEM Canon BP-808 charger specs
  • Guaranteed to operate with your Canon BP-808 camcorder
  • CE Safety Certification
  • SterlingTek's Canon BP-808 Battery Charger is warranted for 12 months

STK's Canon BP-808 Battery Charger - for Canon XA10, Vixia HF G10, Vixia HF M41, Vixia HF M40, Vixia HF M400, BP-819, Vixia M300, Vixia M30, CG-800, Vixia M31, Legria HF S21, Legria HF200, Legria HF S200, Vixia M32, Legria HF S100, Legria HF M31, Legria HF S20, Legria HF M306. STK's Canon BP-800 Series Battery Charger was designed to meet or exceed the OEM charging capacity of Canon CG-800. Our company has strived very hard in order to supply you with the highest quality Canon BP-800 Series replacement charger on the market. We will exchange this for 1 year from the day your purchase is processed if it fails under regular wear or is defective. We always sell brand-new great quality products and we are willing to back them up. SterlingTek advertising images and text are protected by trademarks and copyrights.

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