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Slim Fast Original Meal Replacement Shake Mix French Vanilla 12.83 Ounce (Pac..

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Flavor: French Vanilla
The New Slim-Fast! 3-2-1 Plan French Vanilla Shake Mix.Pick 2 shakes a day.3 snacks, 2 Slim-Fast meal bars or shakes plus 1 sensible meal.200 calories per serving as prepared.14 servings.Artificially flavored.

About the Brand

The Slim-Fast Foods Company is dedicated to the advancement of nutrition for good health.

For more than 25 years, we have been committed to the development of wholesome and balanced nutritional products to aid in weight management and improved health.

The Slim-Fast Foods Company prides itself on its product line, which has helped thousands of individuals attain a more healthful body weight. More importantly, our products have helped countless individuals maintain their newly acquired body weight.

We at Slim-Fast make this commitment to you, our consumer:

  • We will incorporate the latest technological and scientific advances to provide an affordable, high-quality product.
  • We shall ensure a safe, wholesome product to you.
  • We will incorporate the latest developments on taste enhancement to ensure a refreshing, enjoyable product that tastes great.
  • We have a continuing commitment to support medical research in the area of weight control. The findings from this research will be used to provide you with the knowledge needed to maintain a healthy body and lifestyle.

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