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Baby Tooth Album - Tooth Fairy Land Collection - Girl Pink Baby Tooth Album

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Baby Tooth Album - Tooth Fairy Land Collection - Girl

Product Details

Color: Pink
Brand: Baby Tooth Album

  • Baby Tooth Organizer to save and organize baby teeth
  • Area for a Toothless Picture to cherish your child's toothless smile
  • Baby Tooth Chart to keep track of your child's changing smile and write special notes and dates
  • Painted by a master artist, our cover depicts a whimsical tooth fairy land with adorable characters
  • Magnetic flap to securely close book shut
  • Protect and Cherish Baby Teeth For Years
  • Keep Teeth Organized with Enclosed Chart
  • Customize with Photos
  • Makes a Great Gift
  • Available in Pink or Blue

Color: Pink

Just add toothless picture and baby teeth. Virtually all parents save their kids' baby teeth, they just do not know what to do with them!! We have designed and patented the worlds first baby tooth keepsake/organizer that fits in family photo albums. We did so because we think baby teeth are truly precious souvenirs of our childrens growing years and they need a home in our family memories. Our Baby Tooth Album is a one-of-a-kind tri-fold keepsake book, especially designed to hold our patented Baby Tooth Organizer. Place your favorite "toothless photo" of your child on the left panel, and save and organize those tiny teeth in our baby tooth organizer (each tooth has its own place). Simply turn the clear protective cover over the correct tooth well, place the baby tooth in the well, and rotate the cover shut. Those baby teeth will stay safely in place. No more throwing them in a jewelry box or drawer or worse, losing them. On the right panel, use our especially designed Baby Tooth Guide to keep track of his or her changing smile, and a Baby Tooth Chart for you to write special notes and dates. A magnetic flap will shut neatly and keep the book closed. The beautifully illustrated cover imagines a young girl in search of the tooth fairy as she makes her way through the magical Tooth Fairy Land, only to find her after she falls into deep sleep under a welcoming tree. This tri-fold/baby tooth organizer comes complete with: Patented Baby tooth Organizer: to save and organize baby teeth. Area for a "toothless" picture: to cherish that toothless smile. Baby Tooth Guide: to keep track of your child's changing smile. Hand painted cover: imagining a whimsical tooth fairy land. Magnetic Flap: to securely close book shut. Buy this one-of-a-kind baby tooth keepsake for your child or a child you love, and don't forget to check out our Tooth Fairy Accessories.

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