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25.5-Inch Fretting Scale Marking Template For Guitars - Laser-Cut-Acrylic - P..

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25.5-inch Fretting Scale Marking Template for Guitars - Laser-cut-Acrylic - Popular Electric Guitar Scale as used on Fender Telecaster(R) & Stratocaster(R)

Product Details

  • Item Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions: 22 x 4 x 0.1 inches
  • Shipping Weight: 6.4 ounces
  • Origin: Made in USA
  • Allows you to quickly and accurately mark necks and fretboards for fret slotting - popular scale length used on Fender(TM) Telecaster(R) and Stratocaster(R) guitars
  • Also perfect for use on homemade instruments and cigar box guitars!
  • Frets to skip for diatonic (dulcimer) scale indicated; also includes cutouts for fret marker dots
  • Includes 24 total frets (two octaves), cut from .080" laser-cut clear acrylic.
  • Acrylic this thin is rather brittle, DO NOT BEND and treat these templates gently!

These laser-cut fretting scale templates are cut from 0.080" thick clearacrylic sheet, and allow you to quickly, easily and accurately mark a neck offretboard with the fret positions for the scale you choose. These templateincludes 24 frets, and also have cutouts for the fret indicator circles. Justuse a sharp pencil or a fine-point marker (like the fine-tip Sharpies) andyou'll have your fret marking done in no time! INSTRUCTIONS FOR USE: To useone of these templates, lay it on your neck or fretboard and then eithermeasure or "eyeball" the location of the indicator marker cutouts to get itcentered. The NUT slot should go over the neck-side edge of wher your nut willgo. You do not have to use all 24 frets on your neck, just use as many as workwell with your instrument's design. Skip the frets marked at both ends with an"X" for pure diatonic/dulcimer scale. The frets marked with a double X (XX)are optional - if included, this fret will give you the "6.5" dulcimer fret,sometimes also known as the "blue note". CARE AND USAGE: these templates arecut from thin acrylic sheets, and may have the protective peel-off plasticcoatings still in place when you receive them. There may also be minor cuttingstains left over from the laser cutting process, which can be wiped off with apaper towel. PLEASE BE CAREFUL when handling these templates. Acrylic thisthin is rather brittle, and it will snap if you bend it. If you are going toremove the protective plastic masking, lay the template flat on a clean,smooth surface and work at it that way. Be careful with these and don't bendthem, and they should last you a long time. Hang them up from a nail in a wallwhen not in use. If you do accidentally crack it, you should be able to tapeor superglue it back together, just make sure to get a nice tight join whereit cracked so the scale won't be off.

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