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1 Gallon K2 Filter Media Premium Grade Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (Mbbr) For ..

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1 Gallon K2 Filter Media PREMIUM GRADE Moving Bed Biofilm Reactor (MBBR) for Aquaponics Aquaculture Hydroponics Ponds Aquariums by Cz Garden Supply

Product Details

Size: 1 Gallon
Brand: Cz Garden Supply

  • Shipping Weight: 1.4 pounds
  • Aquaponics Aquaculture Hydroponics Ponds Aquarium use
  • 100% PREMIUM QUALITY Virgin Polyethylene. Beware of sellers offering Recycled Material which can be TOXIC!!
  • 1/2 inch diameter x 3/8 inch width (12.7 mm x 9.525 mm)
  • Colonize beneficial bacterial for hydroponically grown plants

Size:1 Gallon 100% PREMIUM QUALITY Virgin Polyethylene. NOT RECYCLEDMaterial! Beware of sellers offering recycled media, which can be TOXIC! Cz Garden Supply Moving Bed Bio Media is a "wheel" shaped polyethylene mediawith small exterior fins and 6 interior structural supports. It is slightlypositively buoyant, and becomes neutrally buoyant once bacteria colonize onits surface area. It requires very little water movement or air diffuseroutput to keep it churned in a fludized bed, moving bed or mbbr system, andcan also be used in static media designs as well. Cz Garden Supply moving bedbio media features superior crush resistance along with improved durabilityand increased overall surface area. Many bio media designs, like Kaldness K1and others, use as few as 3 or 4 interior supports, which often makes themprone to crushing, and ultimately, can substantially decrease their overallservice life. When you use Cz Garden Supply moving bed bio media, you get moresurface area for your dollar, and a product that will last for decades. CzGarden Supply moving bed bio media also costs 30-70% less than other movingbed bio reactor (mbbr) media on the market.


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